DigitalDiary 2/19 – 2/21/2016

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Bless This Mess

This blog was once devoted to my artwork — prior to jumping ship to test out Tumblr, which has evolved into its own separate thing — and I am returning to it mostly because I like WordPress and my writing needs somewhere to go. Tumblr is great for images, both collecting and sharing, but it’s not so great for words.

Two things have recently impacted my thinking about how information is organized in a substantial way: building a website and acquiring a smart phone for the first time in my life.

I had planned to build a website for about three years, but the practical actions required that I have started to undertake made the complicated structure of it more “real”. How do I determine what work to put there? How do I represent myself now with consideration for what I hope to accomplish in the next few years? How do I keep it minimal and elegant without it looking cold or generic? And so on. I have felt so obsessed with pinning down every aspect of its organization.

Then I got a smart phone and the flood of excitement over the capabilities of this device took hold. Instead of carefully placing a piece of information in one area and stepping away, I regularly consider posting to multiple areas and watch how each item plays out differently according to the landing site. It’s like watching paper airplanes float or dive across a room. You have some intention about yourself, but also some uncertainty and joy. The dull paper force of its nose hitting something is satisfying, even if it means the flight is over. You can build another plane. You can enjoy the tactile sensation and precision of folding the paper, turning one object into another.

But then what do I do with all these planes?

So while I’m feeling less concerned about organizing every detail of my extended, digital self (beyond the obvious privacy/audience concerns), I also have a lot of unanswered questions. Maybe I will write about them here. Maybe not. In any case, there will be writing here of various sorts — personal posts, articles, art exhibition reviews, and links to other words that I find worth sharing.

Forgive the mess.