Now, and then plans

The work spaces I have in our new apartment are coming along in that they are functional, but I’m not nearly satisfied enough with their current states to allow them to remain that way. Since I don’t have a room that is specifically and only a studio, I’m trying really hard to prevent my work areas from making the whole space look cluttered and chaotic. (Anyone who has been in one of my studios can definitely understand the difficulty. A friend of mine once said, “I don’t feel like I’m entering a studio so much as I feel like I’m entering your brain. It’s kind of scary in there, like being inside a tornado.”) Although I don’t regret committing to living and working in this apartment for the next two years, I miss not being able to create a cocoon for myself.

The painting area is in the living room…

…and the everything-else-that-I-do-plus-some-painting area is in the bedroom.

I’ve decided that the trip across the country will take place in the spring/summer of 2013. This is so that I have time to save money for the trip, save money for a video camera, and become more acquainted with said camera. I would go alone, as She does, if I could. But I can’t really be trusted, now can I? Husband is coming along because he is my best companion.

I don’t want to plan the trip too much because I trust my instincts, and I think they will lead me in the right directions, regarding hotels and bars and roadside diners. I should try to figure how much it will cost, though, right? That would be really responsible of me.