for golden-haired maidens

I’ve taken quite a liking to embroidering perishable materials.

Orange skin studies. Embroidered while "fresh", photographed after dried. J.S-P

I’ve done some other stitching with plants, but haven’t photographed them yet. Since the material base is something that changes quickly (just the plant drying out alters the stitch), how and when they are photographed becomes important. There is a developing relationship here — in line with my creativity linked to the mediums — that I’ve never really experienced before. More on that soon. In the mean time, here’s an updated (and poorly photographed) version of my first sampler:

Sampler (parting sea), 2012. In progress. J.S-P

Mira and I try to meet at least once a week to embroider together, and it looks like our friend Kelli will be joining us soon, whenever she can. I took a few pictures of Mira’s unfinished work the last time I was at her house. The fabrics themselves are so lovely, it makes me want to look at antique stores and junk shops for old aprons, slips, and handkerchiefs.

I’m meeting with Kelli on Tuesday to show her a few stitches that I’ve learned. In the future, I’m going to demand that she teach me how to knit in exchange for my “guidance”. (I hope you’re reading this, Kelli.) More images can be found here.