Things I’d like to see in 2015

  1. The end of white people claiming with desperate earnestness, “I don’t see color.” So many things wrong with that statement, I dare say, I can’t even.
  2. Jumpsuits. More jumpsuits. Everywhere. Except the kind that implies penal incarceration.
  3. Smut written by skilled, feminist writers. (Note: the gender and sexuality are not specified intentionally.)
  4. Whiskey rain storms. Preferably Woodford. Get on that, Jesus.
  5. The end to the necessity for lists on dating website profiles saying obvious things like, “Do not contact me if you want me to be your mom” or “Do not ever tell someone you have packed an overnight bag just in case.”
  6. Less “I don’t give a fuck” and more “I give the appropriate level of fucks most days because I’m a decent human being”.
  7. A study done to determine how cats make themselves 100x heavier when they are laying on a blanket you are “sharing”.
  8. For someone to call me a “mega babe”. I would also accept being grouped in with some “super babes”. I happen to know a lot of super babes so this seems more likely. Though none of them are in their early 20’s, so perhaps not.
  9. Any politician who makes blatantly incorrect claims about, say, climate change and does not within a few hours correct themselves publicly will immediately be removed from office. Kid President or Ellen Degeneres can take over until someone suitable replaces the former putz.
  10. Art trades that don’t involve me apologizing a million times for being such a slack ass about it. (I’m not going to start by apologizing again, but I will say that I have not forgotten those I owe work.)
  11. An orchid that survives.
  12. More singing. I love to sing. Did you know that? Probably not. It’s a secret. I don’t want it to be a secret anymore.
  13. For people to actually read their emails instead of skimming over them and making the whole effort at communication ineffectual for both parties.
  14. To come up with answer to “what do you want to do?” that is more than just “be a mermaid”.
  15. Three C’s: Curiosity, Compassion, and Courage. From me. From you. From everyone.

Happy New Year, everyone!