When he calls to me, I am ready

Yesterday was the first time I’ve had a seizure in quite a few months. As if some spiteful child-god decided to make matters worse, the episode occurred while we were in Target, during a particularly busy time for them. According to my husband, Target employees surrounded us almost immediately. One of them insisted on calling EMS while another fetched some cold water and a non-employee brought us a wheel chair. We rolled on out of there in case the EMS were actually called.

I read Sandman comic books in bed and ate Pomegranate Chip coconut “ice cream” most of the day while I nursed an awful headache. It was hot all day and all through the night. It made sleeping difficult. So did my traitor imagination that wouldn’t let innocent noises of an old house settling remain innocent. I could almost feel clammy, cold hands grabbing my ankles at the end of the bed. I watched ivy climb the walls with large spiders and lizards following behind. Like they were following the yellow brick road. Except it was ivy, dark and shiny green, with every leaf hiding someone’s whispered secret, someone’s last words. You can almost hear them, but the spiders and lizards are distracting.

It was a cemetary half sunk in marshes that smelled like sweet rot.

Robert slept well on account of the melatonin he took, yet still rolled and sighed in his sleep while the heat made our bodies sticky.

It is cooler today and I am trying to make some more progress with our new apartment. After days of non-productivity (unless you count modeling for reference photos at the Nolichucky River with lovely ladies, which was too fun to really feel like work for me), I am slowly reminding myself the benefits of having Things In Order. I’d rather go back to the river with a picnic basket, but I suppose anyone would.