it’s okay

I’m in the process of getting a website put together for my work, and while that process is going on, I’m also making work and collecting things for my projects. I wanted there to be a home for it all because, based on my experience, everything counts toward the “real” work. It may not be clear right away. I may hate what I’m currently working on. Everyone else might think it’s garbage. But I know how castles are built. Perhaps that’s presumptuous. I’m okay with that, too.

Mostly I’ll be posting pictures and seemingly harmless thoughts.¬†Occasionally¬†there will be a dose of self-promotion. This or that show. Sketches after the fact.

My mom told me and my husband a story once about when I was a little girl. She would secure me in my car seat and then after driving for a while, I would jump out between the two front seats and exclaim some happy ah-ha in the child language. I knew I wasn’t supposed to do it, but I did it often and enjoyed it every time.

This interaction strikes me as being very representative of my relationship to people and the sharing of information.

Just don’t swerve too much and it’ll be okay.