update: almost September:

+ Listened to Wicked (the audio book, not the musical) on the way to & from OCNJ
+ Now reading The Wonderful Wizard of Oz & the eighth issue of Annalemma magazine
+ Been thinking a lot about “the making of” a witch & the shapeshifting nature of a story & what the little things mean for big things
+ Enjoyed Fright Night much more than previously expected
+ Learned how to play Crazy Rummy, Rummy Cube, and another game I can’t remember the name of thanks to my Gram
+ Sold a total of six paintings from the circus series (which comes down tomorrow)
+ Beginning new projects involving books, a zine, stitches, and/or paint
+ Playing the piano everyday as per a pinky swear agreement
+ Feeling that September will be a very good month – hard, but good

Author: sp.ps

I make things.

3 thoughts on “update: almost September:”

  1. Drinking my new favorite (gluten free!) beer as I read this and gave you an invisible ‘salud’ when I read the bit about Wicked and the making of a witch and all that. Love that book.

    My sister and I giddily remember watching the first Fright Night, back in the 80s, against our mother’s wishes, I’m sure. We’re waiting to watch the remake together when I go home over Thanksgiving.

    Happy to hear that your circus pieces are selling. And I just started putting a new inspiration board together, tonight as a matter of fact, for my autumn/winter textile projects and a possible food-related zine. P.S. I’m drafting a vegan fibers article (primarily directed towards knitting/crocheting), let me know if you want to see it for a future GDA issue.

    1. I had been meaning to read Wicked for years, but never really made time for it. (I read a lot of non-fiction and only a bit of fiction.) When I saw it as an audio book, I knew the planets aligned for me to finally “read” it. I really enjoy it. None of the characters are “black or white”, and Oz really does feel like it’s own separate world.

      Now I’m trying to convince Robert that we need to go see the musical. Have you seen it?

      I remember seeing the original Fright Night when I was a kid (my parents let me watch anything…), but for some reason I can’t really remember the movie itself. Only parts of it. Like when Jerry drank the girl in the white dress’s blood and it dripped down her bank. I hope you don’t hate the new one.

      Will you be posting about your upcoming projects? Or are you the type of person to wait until you’re done? In any case, please share! Just the thought of autumn/winter textile projects makes me happy. Also, a food-related zine? (You like being busy, don’t you?) Speaking of zines, thanks again for contributing. I really appreciate it. I’m currently trying to bust the first issue out ASAP. I can pretty much guarantee you that a vegan fibers article would be of interest in a future issue.

      1. Yes, it really is it’s own world! I saw it on stage when Ana Gasteyer did the role of Elphaba. Amazing. Just keep in mind that a musical is it’s own crazy interpretation of the story, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!

        I’ll love the new Fright Night – anything campy with blood and gore and a few scares sends me straight back to junior high. And if my sister and I find ourselves not enjoying it, we’ll just turn it into a drinking game!

        I really want to post about upcoming projects, but usually hold back because at least one of the recipients sees them online before I get them sent out. But now that I think about it, she doesn’t have a flickr account. Hmmm…I think I *will* start posting about my projects online.

        And yay! for another autumn/winter textile project enthusiast! It makes me so happy happy. I got 90% of my autumn planting done this weekend, so I have no excuse not to get started! And I’ll let you know when I get that article finished, too.

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