Kwaidan: Hoichi, the Earless

Hoichi, The Earless, the third story in Kwaidan was perhaps the most visually and conceptually engaging to me. It explored a lot of things that I think about almost daily.

A story is not about facts.

And, and, and…


I make things.

3 thoughts on “Kwaidan: Hoichi, the Earless”

  1. Cool post. Hoichi is also my favorite part of the movie; and that music definitely grabbed me for weeks afterwards. Very recently, I found out the survivor of that battle are said to have invented tofu misozuke, a Japanese delicacy I learned how to make in the intervening years.
    Nice screencaps. Will put your URL on the slides if I use them for my upcoming presentation on tofu misozuke.

    1. Thanks! The music is quite powerful, I agree. I had never heard of tofu misozuke before reading your comment, and after a quick look over some search results, it looks like something I’d be very interested in. I’ll have to investigate further. Thanks again for leaving a comment.


  2. Reblogged this on Lady Philospher's Blog and commented:
    Halloween is nearing and the Raven’s are jeering i mean tap tap tapping…. HOiCHI the Earless is positively my favorite of the Lafcadio -Kwaidan series. The basis of writing prayers ones ones flesh is deeper than one might imagine! Don’t forget the ears…

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