these days

… We’re moving.
… The rabbit died in his sleep.
… It seems that I talk a lot in my sleep.
… Very little painting or drawing. Despite dead bird in freezer.
… Feeling disconnected from people (again).
… Can’t wait for my hair to get longer.
Cooking often.
… Wet. And chillier than you’d expect.
… The Farmer’s Market (fingers crossed for + vegan doughnuts & – store bought produce).
… Found a good cheap wine that I like.
… Wanting to go camping. All the time.
Warrior Dash.
… Looking forward to picking up old starts, like building screens for screenprinting, carving stamps and small prints, book-making, and the website.
… Really feeling Monica Canilao‘s work. I might be able to approach mixed media collage again.
… Also happily introduced to Unica Zurn.
… Strong idea for a show. Work to follow.


I make things.

2 thoughts on “these days”

  1. For some reason reading that your rabbit died made me sad…then I hopped over to Flickr and saw actual photos of him/her…*sob*

    But fingers crossed that you get vegan doughnuts at your Farmers’ Market!

    And Warrior Dash. 🙂 I’m going camping the weekend that I dash, should be fun.

    1. I considered not linking to the image for that very reason, but then decided to share it anyway.

      So far no luck with the vegan goodies, but we have yet to attend a Saturday farmer’s market, which is bigger than the one on Wednesdays.

      I recommend making a big weekend of Warrior Dash. It adds to the overall fun. I hope you all have a great time!

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