if you can’t fuck’em, kill’em
if you can’t do it good..
do it hard

– Lydia Lynch

Author: sp.ps

I make things.

4 thoughts on “1989”

  1. when i first heard “some velvet morning” as a kid, i was horrified and wanted to change my name to melanie. my mom ordered me a birthday cake (on a day that wasn’t my birthday) that said “happy birthday, melanie.” i got sick after eating the cake and threw up and decided to stay phaedra.

    1. You have the best stories, Phaedra.

      I had never heard of Lydia Lunch until a few years ago. These things are always really funny to me. It’s like a lived in a bubble until I was 18. (The bubble being my head, and no one had access except me and the cats.)

  2. my dad always said if you can’t hit it right hit it hard. but that was only advice for playing pool. and i follow it. to this day. it makes you scratch on the 8 ball or hit your oponents balls in, but if you don’t have a clear shot, it at least makes things happen. And thanks for the Lydia Lunch post.

    1. It’s nice to laugh, at least a little, at 9:47 in the morning. Especially when you know you’ll be moving heavy boxes later. Coincidentally in regard to pool playing advice from fathers, he told me how to hold it.

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